You can make a difference. Recycle your packaging!
You can make a difference.
Recycle your packaging!

Don't throw away your Corning®, Falcon®, or Axygen® product packaging. Recycle it through Corning’s packaging recycle program.

At Corning, we believe that protecting the environment makes good business sense. We are committed to protecting the environment through continuous improvement of our processes, products, and services. Corning has been named an ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year for eight consecutive years (2014 to 2021) and achieved Sustained Excellence for six consecutive years. It’s our desire to empower our customers' research while being good stewards of the environment. With this goal in mind, we offer select customers free participation in our packaging recycling program.

Step Pack approved items

Place the plastic packaging from the below Corning, Costar®, Falcon or Axygen products in a box. (Pack the box tight! We pay the recycler by the box. There is no charge to you.)

Pipet tip racks,* lids,* plastic bags, and shrinkwrap
Centrifuge Tube plastic bags
and styrofoam racks
Serological pipet plastic bags for cell culture wrappers,** paper/plastic wrappers, and plastic bags
Plastic bags for cell culture dishes, plates, and flasks

Please note: Items not allowed for recycling:

  • No actual products, biohazard materials, liquids, radioactive waste, or regulated waste of any kind.
  • No packaging from biologically coated products (Corning BioCoatTM, Corning Matrigel®, etc.).
  • No cardboard/corrugated boxes.
  • No packaging materials from other manufacturers. Because Corning pays a fee per box, please only recycle plastic packaging from Corning’s brands (Corning, Costar, Falcon, and Axygen). Packaging from other brands will be returned to customers at their own expense.

*Corning, Costar and Axygen pipet tip racks are designed to be reusable, and can withstand several autoclave cycles.

**Excludes Falcon Advantage™ Wrap.
Recycle Program available only in the United States. Recycle vendor will recycle materials that meets its criteria.

Step Print pre-paid mailing label

Enter your information to create a postage-paid mailing label.

Company Name:
Lab Name / Number:
Full Name:
Company Address:
Zip Code:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Estimated Weight in lbs.: (Example = 5)


Create Label

Shipping Confirmation


PLEASE do NOT make copies of the printed label, as they will not ship properly. A new label MUST be printed for each box shipped. Thank you.

Step Affix label to box and contact shipper

Affix the mailing label to the box, seal it for mailing (if reusing boxes, remove prior shipping labels and any product description information), and send it via UPS or Fed Ex to our recycling partner.

Thank you for helping to preserve our environment and choosing Corning brands!

For more information about this program please contact your Corning Account Manager.

To learn more about Corning’s Commitment to Environmental Protection, please visit